Sjöbo Gästgifvaregård
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The restaurants

On Sjöbo inn we safeguard the region's "Cuisine"

We prepare dishes of rural products by traditional recipes.

Skåne goose or duck can be as available for pre-order throughout the year, traditionally cooked or with modern accessories.


Stylish premises suitable for most events.

Chambre Separé

The society might be for itself. You need lunchkonferera in peace and quiet. is an anniversary to celebrate. A dinner we would prefer to enjoy between the bowl and the wall. Our 7 dining rooms can accommodate 10-105 persons.

City Hall has a capacity of 105 people, max 60 persons with dance in the same room.

The first floor has a capacity of approximately 160 persons, with bar, etc. and dance ca100 persons.


The restaurant's opening hours

Open weekdays at 11: 30 am
Saturdays and Sundays, 12.00
The kitchen closes at 9 pm Monday to Saturday
Kitchen closes Sundays 5.30 pm

Other tiser as agreed.

Sjöbo Gästgifveri · Gamla Torg 7B · 275 30 Sjöbo · Ph 0416-120 75 · Fax 0416-127 06 · På svenska