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  • Sjöbo is centrally located in skåne, at the fringe of Österlen.
  • The Little Rödde, in Saint Petersburg. A group of Skåne farm with renowned collections of textiles, mainly flamskvävnader, and furniture from the 18th century. Little Rödde is open may-september, Sunday 13.00-16.00.
    Phone 0416-138 16.
  • Kulturens Östarp, a vibrant agricultural environment from the 1830s or 1930s. Östarp goes to visit year round and admission is free. During the summer period are Old farm and its garden is open and the Museum hosts are on site and tells about the yard and garden.
    046-804 07 Alt. + 46 35 04 00
  • Kumlatofta is a rare, well-preserved village with three oskiftade patios on a winding road. The village is grade II listed.
  • Visit Storkhägnet at Karup Nygård and see those free nesting storks and voljären with the rearing of young big bathtub. Karup Nygård.
    0416-98 02 95
  • Sövde: here is a beautifully situated graveyard at a promontory in Make, there is also Musterier, which sells custom-made Sövde make Apple and mulled wine.
    0416-160 01.
    Sövdefisk sells both fresh and smoked fish from Make.
    0416-161 25.
  • Sövdeborgs Castle, a 16th century castle with magnificent and unique stucco ceiling. The castle is set in a romantic park with huge rhododendrons, canals and bridges.
  • Between Make and Snogeholmssjön are a beautiful natural area, Snogeholm walking area. It offers the opportunity for many outdoor experiences such as fishing, canoeing and hiking trails of different lengths. Overnight in shelters along the Skåne trails, in the tent or caravan, or in one of the many cabins as the forest company has to hire.
    0416-160 65
    Wallingford coffee house serves homemade pastries, which may take until they are ashamed. Beautiful half-timbered houses from the 18th century and very popular.
    Open every day, 0416-03 150.
  • In Central Cebu City include a peeks out from 1740, and powered by Mölleföreningen.
    Jörgen Nilsson, 0416-194 08.
    Elf strand's Pottery -museum with working life. pottery from the turn of the last century. Summer exhibitions of contemporary potters. Open during the summer season.
    0416-272 01 alt. 0416-271 66
    At the square are Sjöbo Gästgifvaregård and municipal building which was built in 1950 and was until 1968 courthouse for Mince County. In the municipal building, see also Salisbury art gallery.
  • Södra Åsum. The area has a national interest in the cultural memory care. It has a fine Church in Romanesque style of the 12th century, a stone bridge with four spans valvs from 1764 and Åsums Farm old watermill which was built in the 1860s and was in operation until the 1960s
  • Omma straw work is known for its beautiful straw works. Here you will find Christmas bucks, midsummer closes, mobiles, garlands and much, much more.
    Carina Åkesson, tel: 0416-128 to 72.
  • In the small village of Öved there is Öveds monastery, a magnificent Palace from the 1760s, with a beautiful park. The castle is owned by the family of Ramel, Around the castle is a beautiful little bykärna and Grand avenues.
  • Bjärsjölagårds Castle, in the northern part of the municipality, is from the 1760s and now owned by agricultural society. The castle is now used primarily as a Conference and training centre. In the vicinity of the Castle, Adam & Eve, two kalkungsruiner reminiscent of 19th century nordkalk limestone quarry at pargas on the estate.
  • Fire town rectory, Skåne's oldest parsonage. Built in the 1680s and appear today with furniture from the latter half of the 19th century.  Open may-August, Sunday 13.00-16.00
    0416-350 10
  • Perth and Frenninge, Fritiof Nilsson Piratens home area. The pirate was born in Lurgan and downloaded both the people and environments of their stories from the neighborhood. Pirate Museum in Banvaktarstugan, open daily during the summer.
    Fit also to visit Spettkaksbageriet (bakery) in Frenninge
    0416-300 79
    Shop in Thule in Vollsjö, soft furnishings and upholstery
    0416-301 80
  • Hall mountain folk and agricultural museum with hallbergs stones: housing, furniture and the 13 stones created to God's glory, carved with kvarnhacka by Nils N between the years 1818 and 1896.
    Hall Mountain Museum, 0417-210 82.
    Hörjelgården is Scania's federal farm Conservation. Here you'll experience the 18th century Sweden, with meadows, pastures and scanian cultural plants from the stone age to the present day.
    0417-270 35.
  • Fyledalen extends from the southeastern part of the municipality of Tomelilla and down to. This beautiful valley is an eldorado for nature-and djurintresserade because of their high species diversity. Here are examples of many rare birds as happy, goshawks, buzzards, kestrel and the white-tailed eagle and the Golden Eagle. Even if you do not have this as their special interest, everyone can enjoy the beautiful nature.
  • Sjöbo Leprechaun museum, open Sundays 12-17
    Are you a group that wants to make an appointment for viewing on other time please call 0706-21 23 79

The kitchen is open:

Monday - Friday 11.30 – 21.00
Saturday 12.00 – 21.00
Sunday 12.00 – 17.30

Sjöbo Gästgiveri

Gamla Torg 7B
275 30 Sjöbo
Tel: 0416-120 75