Sjöbo Gästgifvaregård
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About the Inn

Sjöbo Gästgifvaregård can meet most of your needs.

Restaurant, shop, bed & breakfast and hotels located in Sjöbo


In the hall you will find the perfect place for representation and weddings. This good man in good friends teams or with important customers.


In the restaurant you can enjoy local specialities or international cuisine. In Oxögat served Daily right 7 days per week. Everything cooked with love and care by our knowledgeable staff.


We are located centrally in Skåne for bus groups and tours.

For bus groups, we offer morning coffee, lunch, afternoon tea and dinner. Don't forget that Sweden's biggest Santa Claus collection is located on the Santa Claus Museum in Sjöbo. Otherwise, you can only confine You to stroll around and admire Sjöbo Gästis collection of elephant figurines. There is also a small collection of Edvard Persson and Fritiof Nilsson Piraten.




You can find us also on osterlensjobo and sjoboosterlen.






The Regional Culinary Heritage sign is displayed outside selected European restaurants and shops that sell local dishes, foods and ingredients – it is a sign of regional quality.


We can arrange small and large conferences and receptions. Our largest room can accommodate 100 people sitting theatre style.


Our hotel has ten rooms and we can accommodate 18 guests – some rooms are non-smoking.

In our small Country Shop you can buy gift-wrapped foods and beverages.

Sjöbo Gästgifveri · Gamla Torg 7B · 275 30 Sjöbo · Ph 0416-120 75 · Fax 0416-127 06 · På svenska